30 Days of Photoshop – Day 25

Blur, Sharpen & Smudge Tools

Three tools bunched together in the left hand toolbar: Blur, Sharpen and Smudge.

How does sharpening actually work?  What’s happening within the software?

Understand this, and you’ll understand why you can’t really sharpen a blured image.  Sharpening isn’t a cure for all your out-of-focus photographs but it can increase the appearance of sharpness in those parts of your image that already exhibit some degree of detail.

As we’ll see, blur works in the opposite way to the sharpening process.

Finally we’ll look at what the Smudge tool does.

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Kevin Ahronson

Kevin is a full-time professional photographer and has been teaching photography since 2009. He founded the Hampshire School of Photography where he runs photography workshops and gives one to one mentoring to photographers at all levels, from complete beginners through to those who want to turn professional

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