Two Ways to Copy Settings in Lightroom

Making Copying in Lightroom Easy

Today we are looking at two great shortcuts in Lightroom for copying photo-settings from one image to another (or several others).

I’m sure you can picture the scene…

You’ve spent ages editing an amazing photo in Lightroom and you’ve just sat back feeling very proud of your achievement.  Then you realise that you will have to do it all over again for the next shot and maybe the next shot after that.

It could be worse, it could be that you’d like to edit all your photos to look like this.

It will take ages!!

Fear not, there are ways around this.  Lightroom has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to make it very easy to copy settings from one photo to as many others as you need.

With the time you save by using either of the two processes I’m showing you today, you can go online and book yourself onto one of the fantastic workshops at Hampshire School of Photography.  Win, win!




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Kevin Ahronson

Kevin is a full-time professional photographer and has been teaching photography since 2009. He founded the Hampshire School of Photography where he runs photography workshops and gives one to one mentoring to photographers at all levels, from complete beginners through to those who want to turn professional

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