Searching in Lightroom Pt.1

Find Your Photos Easily in Lightroom

Lightroom is a great tool for editing your photographs. It does a pretty good job too at cataloguing those images.

Do you struggle to find the right image amongst thousands or even tens of thousands on your computer?

It’s frustrating isn’t it?  You know the photo you’re looking for, but you just can’t lay your hands on it.

Lightroom has some superb search tools to take away the misery of tracking down any photo amongst the many.

In part one of ’Searching in Lightroom’, we are going to look at simple techniques to take the stress out of searching and help you develop good working practices to improve your search speed and workflow.



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Kevin Ahronson

Kevin is a full-time professional photographer and has been teaching photography since 2009. He founded the Hampshire School of Photography where he runs photography workshops and gives one to one mentoring to photographers at all levels, from complete beginners through to those who want to turn professional

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