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Want to be a professional photographer?

The Photographer’s Journey

I have taught hundreds of photographers over the last few years.  Most of them come to me listing their frustrations, their failures and what seems to be a constant battle with their cameras.  They have all been on a journey, some very long, others relatively short, but their stories remain quite similar.


Why I don’t like IBIS

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. You are twenty-something, you’re female and you’re on holiday in Turkey.  You have a camera with a reasonably long...



It’s not unsual these days to find myself in conversation about the pros and cons of shooting in JPG verses RAW. Both are digital...

Professional photographer and teacher Kevin Ahronson

Meet the Photography Teacher

For many years I had been reading monthly photography magazines.  They had been a tremendous source of learning and inspiration. But on this one particular day, something told me that things had changed.