Photographers Evenings

Photographer's evenings with Kevin Ahronson founder of Hampshire School of Photograph

Each year, Kevin Ahronson (founder of Hampshire School of Photography) holds a small number of face-to-face meetings with local photographers to talk about a range of photography topics, provide helpful advice, and offer great networking opportunities.

The evenings are for photographers who are still in the earlier stages of their photography journey, seeking to advance their skills.

Professional photographers & semi-professional photographers are not invited.

The meetings (7:30 pm – 9:30 pm) offer an exceptional opportunity for photographers to gain valuable insights and receive free advice from one of the UK’s top photography tutors.


Local Photographer Community in Fleet

A Photographer's evening logo. Hampshire School of PhotographyThe core take from the evening will be an examination of our own work and a look at the paths that lie ahead of us.  Where have we been, where are we going, etc, etc?

What can we do as individuals and perhaps as a community to develop and grow our skills?

Let’s face it, ultimately, most of us want to do a better job, capture better images, take less rubbish and grow in confidence to pick up our cameras and take that fantastic photograph without even thinking about what button to press.

For most photographers, photography will always be a hobby, a source of enjoyment and a pastime to relax with.  For a few though, it could be a source of income.  The lure of going professional lurks inside many.

And of course, if you are feeling the call to ‘go pro’, what better than to ask an existing pro the questions that are burning on your lips?

Having taught hundreds of photographers and with feedback from hundreds more who have taken part in our online Photography Assessment Tool, we know what most struggle with: Creativity and confidence

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