Tog-Talk Podcast returns this February!

Tog-Talk Podcast
The Photographer’s Conversation

We launched our Tog-Talk podcast originally back in November 2019 with a lot of excitement for the future.

Like everyone else at that point in time, we had no expectation of the forthcoming pandemic.  We managed to get eight podcasts published before COVID went nuts, with the last one uploaded on 4 February 2020.

So here we are, two years on and about to relaunch.  In those two years we have moved into new premises at Stockton House and the new-look Tog-Talk will be recorded in the training room (see photo below).

At the moment the room is still quite echoey, and despite our best attempts to reduce echo in the room, it is going to need further investment with acoustic panels to bring the it under control.  But we can live with it for the moment.

Kevin Ahronson records a Tog-Talk podcast at Hampshire School of Photography

Kevin Ahronson records a Tog-Talk podcast at Hampshire School of Photography

Why is it called ‘Tog-Talk’ ?

Tog is short for photographer and the podcast is going to feature a lot of talk from photographers and those associated with the industry.

The initial eight podcasts have been given their own website, and you can access it via the top menu bar of the HSP main website.  All future podcasts will be added to the

What to expect

Recordings start this week on both Tuesday and Saturday and I’m planning to launch the first episode of Season 2 (sounds cools to call it Season 2 – ha ha) on Thursday 4th Feb.

This is a significant because 4th February was the day the last episode of Season 1 was broadcast back in 2020.  So it is befitting to relaunch on a day which is EXACTLY 2 years after it was brought to an end by COVID.

Joining me

I will be joined by Tracey Clarkson and Forbes Johnston.

Tracey is currently half-way through the one-year Inner Circle course and she is also now assisting me on our one-day workshop: Introduction To Photography.  Anyone attending that course will enjoy the benefit of Tracey teaching as well as me.

Forbes recently took over the day-to-day running of our Academy, which is an online photography community where one-year students are able to network with each other, post photos, ask questions, engage and take part in regular photo-assignments.  It’s a bit like Facebook for Photographers, but without all the Facebook advertising.  It’s hosted on a site uniquely run by HSP.

Forbes will be joining our next Inner Circle which starts in March (there is still one place free at the time of writing this).

So we look forward to have you join us on our relaunch as we explore the world of photography, specifically aimed at new photographers.

You can be sure we will be injecting a liberal amount of humour into each episode but you can also be sure that the subjects and the information under discussion will be genuinely helpful.

See you on 4th and if you’re only our mailing list, we’ll be sending you details.

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Kevin Ahronson

Kevin is a full-time professional photographer and has been teaching photography since 2009. He founded the Hampshire School of Photography where he runs photography workshops and gives one to one mentoring to photographers at all levels, from complete beginners through to those who want to turn professional

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